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When My Life Became Uncustomary

Investigating the Poltergeist Phenomena - Clues Near Culmination

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My 'Paranormal Initiation' and 'Electronic Voice Phenomena' (EVP)

Anomalous Occurrences in a Psychiatric Hospital Intensive Care Unit

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First Weeks After Reality for Me Altered 

Bel-Marduk, An Automatic Writing Session and Interviewing Marie

EVP, a Visionary Experience and Rediscovering Nostradamus

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Diverse Aspects of My Life in 1995

 The Ancient Mystery Teachings Divulged

An Esoteric 'Mystery School' of the 1990s

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Gaga Manifests New Facets of the Mystery

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Some Reflections and Images Deciphering the Angelic Initiation

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The Twins Who Shocked Hollywood and the Twins Who Shocked Rome

Sharing Diverse Aspects of my 'Paranormal Initiation'

Pop Culture as a Source of Metaphysical Reflection

Lunar Son Tarot (Autobiographical Play)

A Contemporary Woman's Account of Her Intricate Angelic Experiences

Overcoming Silence and Entertainment Trance . . .

From Social Consciousness to Christ Consciousness

A Metaphysical Blogger Reflects about his Career

Contemplating the Reasons that People Ignore or Dismiss 'Divine Dispensations'

Of Prophecies and Patterns

Excerpt from Some Reflections and Images Deciphering the Angelic Initiation

This article presents some reflections and images related to deciphering the angelic initiation chronicled during this blogger's unexpected path of spiritual discovery.   Now 25 years have passed since the summer when all my circumstances in life abruptly altered following a research expedition to Oklahoma to interview a family experiencing what had been called a 'talking poltergeist' haunting.  Reporting about what happened then and thereafter, blog articles present precise details in relation to personal experiences encompassing diverse manifestations of anomalous phenomena, synchronicity and guidance.   My longtime blog readers or 'initiates to expanded consciousness' know about each person having a 'guide' or 'guardian angel' throughout Earth life.  It is the Christ Force and not humans who are the essential 'avatar.'  All individual living things or 'units of consciousness' are interconnected through a shared subconscious and superconscious spiritual Oneness.

In August 1995 it became unthinkable to dedicate myself to doing anything other than becoming an author-journalist after previously having a career in the Los Angeles entertainment industry, first as talent agent and then as movie studio publicity writer at Paramount Pictures.  By the summer of 1995 and my 39th birthday, I had a very knowing orientation to 'the industry' in relation to what went on behind the scenes during the making of movies and TV shows.  My 'paranormal initiation' brought the realization that the Source of All Being is reflected in the panoply of earthly blessings, divine creativity and scientific and technological advancement.   1995 was a year at the dawn of the Internet becoming accessible to people throughout the world for fast and comparatively simple access to information. This blog provides a selection of information sources for people desiring metaphysical and spiritual enlightenment rather than being wholly absorbed in corporate news and entertainment media.